Monday 13 June

15:00 – Registration and coffee

16:00 – Inaugural address: Martial Staub – The Chronicle, the ‘Subaltern’, and the Universal: Historians as ‘Organic Intellectuals’?

Tuesday 14 June

10:00 – Daniele Miano – John Thornton – The foreignness of history or the historian as a foreigner: the examples of Diodorus Siculus and Dionysius of Halicarnassus

10:45 – Silvina Vidal – Giordano Bruno’s criticism of Spanish colonization in America: animalization as a visual metaphor of barbarism

11:30 – Coffee break

12:30 – James Corke-Webster – Between Empire and Mission: Eusebius of Caesarea and Christian Historiography

12:45 – Lunch

14:30 – David Salomoni – The Italian who Changed the World: Pigafetta and the Construction of the First Circumnavigation of the Earth

15:15 – Craige Champion – Stranger in a Strange Land: Sins of Omission and Commission in Polybius’ Histories

16:00 – Coffee break

16:30 – Alan Ross – Ammianus, insider and outsider

17:15 – Umberto Roberto – “Translatio imperii ad Vandalos?” The Vandal kingdom as a political and cultural problem in late Roman historiography

Onsdag 15 June

10:00 – Kira von Ostenfeld – “So that men can see the light, if they happen to be in war”: Universal History, reason of state, and the future of empire in Antonio de Herrera’s Historia General de Mundo (General History of the World)

10.45 – Benjamin Pedersen – Between Centre and Periphery: Hegemonic Power in Ephorus of Cyme.

11:30 – Coffee break

12.00 – Hervé Inglebert, L’histoire d’un royaume qui n’est pas de ce monde ; ou l’historien chrétien comme un outsider d’Eusèbe de Césarée à Augustin d’Hippone

13:00 – Lunch


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