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    CAS Oslo fellows make JCP 'Editors' Choice' List

    Trygve Ulf Helgaker and Andrew M. Teale, two fellows participating in the CAS project 'Molecoles in Extreme Environments,' are honoured by 'The Journal of Chemical Physics.'

  • Figure showing the predicted atomic shell structure of the superheavy element oganesson. Source: Physical Review Letters

    CAS Oslo fellow featured in 'Physical Review Letters'

    Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger, a participant in the project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments,' publishes groundbreaking findings about the superheavy element oganesson.

  • The illustration shows the process of creating Copernicium.

    CAS Oslo fellows featured in 'Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics'

    Scholars participating in the CAS project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments' publish their research on the 'superheavy' element Copernicium.

  • Richard Bischof, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), gives a lecture. Photo: Maria Sætre

    Former CAS project featured in 'Nature Ecology & Evolution'

    Scholars from the 2015/16 project 'Climate Effects on Harvested Large Mammal Populations' publish their research on the Scandianvian brown bear in the prestigious scholarly journal.

  • Andrew Teale, assistant professor of theoretical chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar

    CAS Oslo fellow wins ERC Consolidator Grant

    Assistant Professor Andrew Teale, a participant in the project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments,' is recognized by the European Research Council as one of Europe's top scholars.

  • Fracture of tectonic plates in Tingvellir Park, Iceland. Photograph: Shutterstock

    Former CAS group leader wins the Fridtjof Nansen Award of Excellence

    Former CAS group leader Professor Trond Helge Torsvik has been awarded this prestigious prize for his outstanding work in geophysics.

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