If you are bringing your own laptop, either your personal computer or a computer provided by your home institution, CAS can only offer basic IT support during your stay at the Centre.

Basic IT support includes help connecting to our fixed and wireless network, installing and using our printers/scanners, and connecting to the AV equipment for presentations and video conferencing.


The reason for this is that CAS and our IT provider, USIT, are not responsible for and does not have the necessary administrative accesses to be able to provide full software and IT support for computers not owned by CAS.


For personal laptops purchased outside of Norway, you may want to check that you can get sufficiant IT support, either remote or from IT personnel, from your supplier (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, etc.) while you are in Norway. Due to regional restrictions, your supplier may not have sufficiant coverage or rights to provide the help you need.

If your laptop is provided by your home institution, pleace contact you local IT support to make sure there are not regional restictions set on your device that may cause trouble when relocating to Oslo. You should also make sure that you have access to all servers and services you may need from your home institution when in Oslo, and that your computer does not have any restrictions regarding installing and using our printer system (Ricoh on Pullprint).

If your laptop is provided by a Norwegian institution, you should make sure you computer is compatible with UiO services and protocols.