To order books and articles through the online library database Oria, click here.

The website will display in Norwegian by default. Click 'MENY' in the top right-hand corner to change the language.

Click 'Sign in', and choose 'UiO students and employees'.

Use the following login information:

- Affiliation: BIBSYS

- Username: 5030103

- Password: entyde

Search for the publication you want to order, click on the title, and find the section with the heading ‘Request.' To order, click the button labelled 'Request.'

If the book you are looking for does not exist at UiO, or you have other library questions, please contact Rune.

Books will be delivered directly to CAS, usually within 3-7 working days.

Note: Write your name in the comment section before placing the order. When finished with your books, return them to Rune.