From mathematical puzzles, air pollution in China and the position of “things” in humanities and social sciences, this year’s research groups are interdisciplinary not only as groups but also within each group.

A mechanical engineer and an anthropologist, both from China, are reresented in the Airborne project. Together with the rest of the group they aim to “produce empirical knowledge of China’s path towards sustainability“.

Italy and Slovenia are two of the countries represented in the Several Complex Variables project, and the After Discourse project brings together researchers within archaeology and cultural geography in “…an explicit attempt to critically scrutinize… the material twist in the humanities and social sciences: a (re)turn to things”.

The CAS research groups constitute outstanding researchers who at CAS are enabled to devote all their time to their project.

Read more about each project: 

After Discourse: Things, Archaeology, and Heritage in the 21st Century

Several Complex Variables and Complex Dynamics

Airborne: Pollution, Climate Change, and New Visions of Sustainability in China