Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

  • Introducing the Young CAS Fellows 2023/2024

    Victor Greiff and Benjamin Schneider are the two new early career scholars selected for the Young CAS Fellow programme.

  • Announcing the CAS projects 2023/24

    We are proud to announce that we for the first time have project leaders from BI and CICERO. Moreover, as part of a new strategy, the CAS board of directors has for the first time decided to extend invitations to four groups. One of the elected groups, Signatures for Images, will have its location in our new branch at Oslo Science Park.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Eivind Engebretsen

    ‘The question “What are the facts?” must be supplemented with another one: “How do these facts make sense to people, and why?”’, said former CAS project leader and professor at the University of Oslo Eivind Engebretsen.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Øystein Linnebo

    ‘The use of logical-mathematical tools enables us to state philosophical questions and answers with far greater precision than would otherwise have been possible,’ said Øystein Linnebo.

  • Meet the Young CAS Fellows for 2022-24: Ida-Marie Høyvik

    Ida-Marie Høyvik’s Young CAS Fellow project seeks to develop a new framework to describe and better understand photoactivated processes related to electron transport or electron exchange between molecular systems.

  • Meet the Young CAS Fellows for 2022-24: Nani Teig

    How can we help all students reach their full potential? Nani Teig’s Young CAS Fellow project will examine the academic resilience of disadvantaged students who succeed in school despite the odds against them.

  • Introducing the Young CAS Fellows for August 2022–June 2024

    Nani Teig and Ida-Marie Høyvik are the two new early-career scholars selected for the Young CAS Fellow programme.

  • Fall at the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) in Oslo

    Alumni Spotlight: Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson

    ‘The ancient thinkers have something to teach us in the area of contemporary research on happiness as well as public policy-making,’ said Eyjólfur K. Emilsson, professor of philosophy at the University of Oslo and former CAS project leader.

  • Andre Laestadius

    Alumni Spotlight: André Laestadius

    ‘The YoungCAS workshop was a great opportunity for me to establish new and strengthen existing collaborations’, said former Young CAS Fellow André Laestadius.

  • Er du vår nye kollega?

    CAS har lyst ut to ledige stillinger, en fast og ett engasjement, innenfor kommunikasjon og prosjektoppfølging.