Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

  • Photo: Kjetil Lysne Voje

    Meet the Young CAS Fellows for 2021-23: Kjetil Lysne Voje

    Despite its critical role in conducting good science, measurement theory remains largely unknown in large parts of biology. Kjetil Lysne Voje seeks to change that with his Young CAS Fellow project.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Edwin Schmitt

    It is not only through the Young CAS Fellow programme that young scholars get an opportunity at CAS. Edwin Schmitt is one of the many young scholars who have joined one of CAS’s regular research projects.

  • Norway-Poland research project lands major grant

    Did you know that there were many common traits between Norwegian and Polish societies during the High Middle Ages and how they developed? Former CAS project leader Hans Jacob Orning and his colleagues have received a €1.4 million grant to find out more.

  • Introducing the Young CAS Fellows for 2021-23

    Helen Frances Leslie-Jacobsen, Daniele Miano, Kristin Shaw and Kjetil Lysne Voje are the first scholars selected for the expanded Young CAS Fellow programme.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Michael Stausberg

    We talked with professor on the study of religion Michael Stausberg about his new book "The Demise of Religion: How Religions End, Die, or Dissipate", a product of his CAS research project.

  • Johan Christensen and Cathrine Holst outside CAS in Oslo. They will lead the University of Oslo financed project "Experts in Nordic policy-making – increasingly powerful?". Karoline K. Isaksen / Centre for Advanced Study (CAS)

    CAS scholars receive funding to study experts’ political power in the Nordic countries

    Experts are seemingly everywhere during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, standing side by side with ministers during press briefings. But in the end, how much influence do these experts actually have?

  • Caption:  Aerial view of Tall Ḥisbān. Courtesy of APAAME © Michael John Neville, Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East (APAAME)

    A new perspective on the Levant

    Former CAS project leader Terje Stordalen argues that writing about history from the perspectives of empires marginalizes and silences the lives and experiences of the majority. The third and final book based on his CAS research is due to be published this spring.

  • Atle Mysterud, Þóra Pétursdóttir and Øystein Linnebo are some of the former CAS scholars who are granted support from the RCN. Photo: Centre for Advanced Study (CAS)

    Former CAS scholars receive generous funding

    The network Þóra Pétursdóttir built as a postdoctoral fellow at CAS has contributed to her landing a new research project funded by the Research Council of Norway.

  • After discourse: A collapsed hospital archive, Teriberka, Murmansk Oblast, Russia. Photo: Bjørnar Julius Olsen

    Alumni Spotlight: Bjørnar Julius Olsen

    Professor of Archaeology Bjørnar Julius Olsen is deeply engaged in what modern things, especially abandoned and discarded ones, can teach us about our own societies. His latest book is due to be published in December.

  • Svenn-Erik Mamelund and Marit Haldar are two of the scholars who lead research centres that OsloMet have given the status as "research environments of excellence". Photo: OsloMet

    OsloMet gives extensive support to CAS affiliated scholars in an effort to become Centres of Excellence

    Future CAS project leader Svenn-Erik Mamelund and former CAS Fellow Marit Haldar will both lead research centres granted the status of “research environments of excellence” by their institution, OsloMet.