Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

  • The illustration shows the process of creating Copernicium.

    CAS fellows featured in 'Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics'

    Scholars participating in the CAS project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments' publish their research on the 'superheavy' element Copernicium.

  • Illustration photo. (Source: Kaj Clausen Design)

    CAS announces selection of 2018 YoungCAS projects

    Up-and-coming scholars from the Universities of Tromsø and Oslo will lead research groups as the YoungCAS concept expands in 2018.

  • Richard Bischof, a researcher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), gives a lecture. Photo: Maria Sætre

    Former CAS project featured in 'Nature Ecology & Evolution'

    Scholars from the 2015/16 project 'Climate Effects on Harvested Large Mammal Populations' publish their research on the Scandianvian brown bear in the prestigious scholarly journal.

  • John Comaroff, professor of African and African-American Studies and Anthropology at Harvard University, gives a lecture. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar

    John Comaroff: Conflict and (Dis)order Among Tswana in Colonial and Postcolonial South Africa

    John Comaroff, professor of African and African-American Studies and Anthropology at Harvard University, deconstructs myths about political structures in Southern Africa in this CAS Oslo seminar.

  • Andrew Teale, assistant professor of theoretical chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar

    CAS fellow wins ERC Consolidator Grant

    Assistant Professor Andrew Teale, a participant in the project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments,' is recognised by the European Research Council as one of Europe's top scholars.

  • Scholars involved in the CAS project 'The Nordic "Civil Wars" in the High Middle Ages in a Comparative Perspective,' participate in a seminar. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar

    Are There 'Good' Civil Wars?

    CAS fellows involved in the research project 'The Nordic "Civil Wars" in the High Middle Ages in a Comparative Perspective' debate whether some civil wars can have positive consequences -- and whether they should even be called civil wars.

  • Cyclotron at Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. Photo: JINR.

    Researching Something That Does Not Exist

    Extreme chemistry may sound exciting to work with, but for most of us it can be very hard to grasp what researchers in such fields are actually working on. This is especially true if they are looking into the composition and properties of elements that do not exist on Earth.

  • Illustration of scientific collaboration.

    Call for Applications: CAS Projects 2020/21

    The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS), Norway’s premier institute for excellence in interdisciplinary fundamental research, is now accepting project proposals for the 2020/21 academic year. Deadline: 15 January 2018.

  • Dag O. Hessen, professor of biology at the University of Oslo, during his talk at Kulturhuset, as part of Forskningsdagene 2017. Photo: Camilla Kottum Elmar

    Dag O. Hessen: The Value of Nature

    As part of Forskningsdagene 2017, CAS Oslo invited six current and former research fellows to give a 12-minute talk about science and values. In his talk, biologist Dag O. Hessen presents a range of ways to look at the value of nature.

  • Violent Reverberations: Global Modalities of Trauma (Palgrave Macmillan)

    Book Release: 'Violent Reverberations: Global Modalities of Trauma'

    Fresh, multidisciplinary perspectives are needed to understand the connections between culture and emotional distress, Professor Vigdis Broch-Due, scientific director of CAS, and her colleague Professor Bjørn Enge Bertelsen argue in a new book.