Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

  • Arbitration, Humiliation, and Submission: Peacemaking in the Middle Ages

    At a conference co-hosted by the CAS and the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo (UiO), historians explore how medieval elites avoided bloodshed and settled disputes.

  • CAS fellows involved in the research project 'The Nordic "Civil Wars" in the High Middle Ages in a Comparative Perspective,' participate in a seminar. Photo: Camilla K. Elmar

    Project Update: 'The Nordic "Civil Wars" in the High Middle Ages in a Comparative Perspective'

    CAS fellows talk about redefining Nordic medieval civil wars in light of conflicts from other regions and time periods.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Hanne Haavind & Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen

    The 2010/11 CAS project leaders are the alumnae of the month for January 2018.

  • Figure showing the predicted atomic shell structure of the superheavy element oganesson. Source: Physical Review Letters

    CAS fellow featured in 'Physical Review Letters'

    Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger, a participant in the project 'Molecules in Extreme Environments,' publishes groundbreaking findings about the superheavy element oganesson.