CICERO Center for International Climate Research and Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) join 12 other Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutions, as they become members of CAS.

This means that faculty members who hold permanent research positions at these two Oslo-based institutions are now eligible to apply to CAS: submit a project proposal, and assemble and lead the corresponding research group for one academic year at CAS.

CICERO and OsloMet will grant their researchers sabbatical leave while they are at CAS, either as project leaders or as fellows.

‘We are really excited to welcome our two new partners: Cicero and OsloMet. They both represent traditions that differ from most of our other partners and we expect to add a set of new research objects to our portfolio’, says Scientific Director at CAS, Camilla Serck-Hanssen.

Proud, new members

At CICERO Center for International Climate Research, world-leading researchers conduct not only commissioned and applied research, but also fundamental research.

‘A partnership with CAS gives us an opportunity to develop this part of CICERO further, as well as to contribute to CAS’ long history of successfully promoting excellent and curiosity driven, fundamental research’, the Director at CICERO, Kristin Halvorsen, writes in an email to CAS.

Halvorsen writes that CICERO is proud to become a partner of CAS, and that the opportunities CAS gives research groups are ‘renowned, exciting and interesting to our researchers’.     

Vice rector at OsloMet, Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen, also expresses excitement about the new partnership:

‘OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University is focusing on interdisciplinary, international excellent research. We are proud to be joining CAS in order to pursue this’.

The two new partnerships, which will last for five years and may be renewed, should benefit CAS, the researchers themselves as well as their institutions. Member institutions earn publication points for research that originates from a stay at CAS. CAS projects are also often successfully developed into larger research centres and thus give added value to their home institution.

Deadline January 15, 2020

Research groups stay at CAS in Drammensveien 78, Oslo, for one academic year. Each project receives a grant of roughly NOK 3.5 million.

Project leaders and group members employed in permanent research positions at our partner institutions are granted sabbatical leave by their home institutions during their stay at CAS.

Project leaders can invite researchers from around the world at any stage of their careers to participate in the project -- whether for an entire year or for a few months.

The application deadline for stays during the 2022/23 academic year is January 15, 2020.

Read more about the application process here