Hessen served as a group leader at CAS Oslo during the 2003/04 academic year for the project Food-webs, Stoichiometry and Population Dynamics.

​Since then, Hessen has continued his work as one of Norway’s leading biologists, for example through his work at UiO’s Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), founded in 2007 as a Norwegian Centre of Excellence. But he has also established himself as a recognized voice in the national conversation, winning both praise and awards for his public speaking and writing.

'If we have a national biologist, it's Dag Hessen,' CAS Oslo adviser Rune Flaten said in his introduction to Hessen's talk.

In his contribution to the Researcher Relay Race: From antibiotic resistance to the bear's existence, Hessen presents both personal and scientific values of nature.

Listen to the entire talk, in Norwegian, here:


Due to technical difficulties, we do not have recordings of the five other talks given at the Researcher Relay Race.