In the academic year 2017/18, professor at the University of Oslo (UiO), Trygve Ulf Helgaker, led the project Molecules in Extreme Environments at CAS, comprised of computational and theoretical chemists. The research group simulated how atoms and molecules behave in conditions found light years from Earth.

A year later, he continuous to dazzle us with his scientific brilliance as the director of the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

The professor said to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters that he is honored being awarded the Fridtjof Nansen Award for outstanding research in science and medicine, and that the prize is a great recognition of the importance of theoretical chemistry in Norway.

The Fridtjof Nansen Award goes to Norwegian researchers, or researchers permanently based in Norway, who have contributed to internationally recognized research of outstanding quality.

The prize ceremony will take place at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters May 3, 2019 where Helgaker will receive 300 000 NOK, a diploma, and a medal. 

The Fridtjof Nansen Award for young researchers is awarded Marta Bivand Erdal at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO), and Dennis Gerhard Meier at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

CAS congratulates the three winners!