A recent publication in the Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies is based on the CAS project Reading and interpreting runic inscriptions: the theory and method of runology from 2013/2014.

This research project aimed to develop a theoretical and methodological foundation for the field of runology, which involves analyzing runes as writing symbols, studying runic objects and inscriptions, and interpreting runic texts. Despite experiencing growth and development, runology lacks a clearly formulated theoretical platform and methodological approach. The project included in-depth studies on inventorying runic forms, material and carving techniques, functions and genres of runes, chronological considerations, and authenticity.

The project was of fundamental importance for the field of runology and had great national value in the Nordic countries as it deals with an important part of their cultural heritage. The project was headed by James E. Knirk, and the publication is available in ‘Futhark 12: Corpus Editions of Runic Inscriptions.’

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