On December 12, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) was granted status as a Centre for Excellence in Education at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo.

SHE’s vision is to enable ‘globally anchored health professionals [to] make sustainable healthcare decisions without compromising future and global needs’.

Pays tribute to engaged students

Two of the drivers behind the successful application are professors Kristin Heggen and Eivind Engebretsen, both CAS fellows with the 2019/20 project Body in Translation: Historicising and Reinventing Medical Humanities and Knowledge Translation.

The University of Oslo (UiO) writes that SHE will develop health education that will empower students to include sustainability in the choices they make as professionals. The Centre will equip students with tools that enable them to reflect upon their roles and responsibilities on individual, societal, and global levels.

‘This is the best news of the year’, thrilled CAS project leader Eivind Engebretsen tells UiO.

‘In order to reach the UN sustainability goals, we need a paradigm shift in teaching health science and medicine. This is a step in the right direction’, he says, and pays tribute to his engaged students:

‘Our students are the agents of change. They are now expecting the faculty to enthusiastically and seriously bringing the perspectives of sustainability into health education.’