There is no alarm at CAS. A security guard from Securitas will check the premises every 24 hours (in the evenings). You may be asked to show ID.

There is, however, an alarm in The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on the first and second floors. The alarm will not go off when entering the building through the front door and taking the elevator to CAS, but please do not wander farther into the Academy outside of office hours.

The entrance to the Centre and the Academy should always be locked. Please do not let strangers into the building. Ask anyone who is attempting to enter the building who they are here to visit before letting them in.


At your apartment

At your apartment, a security guard will service Frogner House’s phones at night in case of emergencies. There will also be security guards making the rounds in your building and neighbourhood at night. 


Fire safety

Please familiarise yourself with the emergency exit and fire extinguishers closest to your office (see the floor plans in the information booklet in your office).

When the alarm sounds, you must evacuate the building. We will meet on the lawn, between the flagpole and the garbage bins.

If the alarm stops while evacuating, do not go back inside! It may be the case that the fire has damaged the alarm system. The CAS administration will let you know when it is safe to go back inside. 



Smoking is not permitted indoors. This applies to all of CAS’ facilities, as well as at the Academy and your apartment at Frogner House. Violations will result in fines.

At Frogner House, the fine is NOK 5 000.