Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) from genes to therapy


Former 2004/2005 Social Sciences - Law


  • Aase, Heidi
    Research Fellow Norwegian Institute of Public Health 2004/2005
  • Auerbach, Judith
    Associate Professor Ben-Gurion University 2004/2005
  • Banaschewski, Tobias
    Privat Dozent University of Göttingen 2004/2005
  • Berger, David F.
    Professor State University of New York at Cortland 2004/2005
  • Daley, David Michael
    Dr. University of Wales 2004/2005
  • Johansen, Espen BorgĂ„
    Research Fellow University of Oslo (UiO) 2004/2005
  • Killeen, Peter Richard
    Professor Arizona State University 2004/2005
  • Lombardo, John P.
    - State University of New York at Cortland 2004/2005
  • Meyer, Johanna Adelheid
    Professor University of Limpopo 2004/2005
  • Oades, Robert Duncan
    Professor University of Essen 2004/2005
  • Psychogiou, Lamprini
    Dr. University of Southampton 2004/2005
  • Russell, Vivienne Ann
    Professor University of Cape Town 2004/2005
  • Sergeant, Joseph Anthony
    Professor Vrije University 2004/2005
  • Sonuga-Barke, Edmund James
    Professor University of Southampton 2004/2005
  • Tannock, Rosemary
    Associate Professor University of Toronto 2004/2005
  • Tripp, Eileen Gail
    Dr. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology 2004/2005
  • Wickens, Jeffery Russell
    Professor School of Medical Sciences 2004/2005
  • Williams, Jonathan Owen Heaton
    Dr. King's College London 2004/2005

Group leader

  • Terje Sagvolden

    Title Professor Institution University of Oslo (UiO) Year at CAS 2004/2005