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at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Complex Matter Science


The project is devoted to basic research in the emerging field of complex matter science. Complexity in this context means to accept that Nature rarely is governed by simple linear relations, but instead shows features that originate from inherent non-linearities; a world that evolves and adapts dynamically, and often driven far away from simple equilibrium. Complexity represents a cross-disciplinary approach to Nature and technology, and fundamental questions in this field touch upon and point at new directions for research of high strategic importance in Norway, such as energy, environment and new advanced materials. The ambition is to become the leading group for complex matter studies in the Nordic countries, and the local team is based on the existing national research network, COMPLEX, with participants at the University of Oslo, the Institute for Energy Technology, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Complex systems such as granular matter (incl. vortex matter in superconductors), complex fluids, polymers, nanostructured materials, as well as complex processes like flow in porous media, many-body dynamics, complex rheology and fracture will be studied using novel methods and bring different phenomena and experiments, modeling and theory in close contact with each other. Thus, the project promotes synergy in several directions and at several levels. Of special importance is the added value created by bringing high-level scientists and their students from several institutions, nationally and internationally, together to work on selected topics in complex matter science. The group will stimulate innovation and knowledge transfer, especially directed toward students, and thereby promoting Norway’s reputation as an attractive environment for scientific excellence and education.


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