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Ethics - A Just Society


Former 1995/1996 Humanities - Theology

End Report

The research greoup’s main focus was “the just society”. We looked into questions regarding the fairness within a society, especially freedom of religion and fair processing of ethnical and religious minorities. We also looked into questions regarding fairness across boarders: How should resources be divided between poor and rich countries? What obligations do we have to give a part of our riches to the poorest in our own and other countries?

Some of the members of the group also worked on other topics within ethics. The topics were closely related, making discussions and the sharing of knowledge and feedback fruitful.

The Centre provides good working conditions for our researchers, and many of the group members have managed to get a lot more done during their stay than what they would have accomplished at their home institutions.

During my stay at CAS, I focused on a large work on Edmund Husserl’s view on inter-subjectivity and ethics. This work is almost completed and have been presented in a series of 24 lectures for the Nordic research-training program in philosophy. The work will be a part of a greater work about Husserl, which will be published by Harvard University Press.

The research group have also produced a number of articles that will be published in the coming year.

On behalf of all the group members, I would like to convey our thanks to the Centre and its administration for a prosperous stay.


  • Høibraaten, Helge
    Associate Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 1995/1996
  • Midgaard, Knut
    Professor University of Oslo (UiO) 1995/1996
  • Noonan, John
    United States Circuit Judge United States Court of Appeals 1995/1996
  • Oughton, Deborah Helen
    Dr. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 1995/1996
  • Pogge, Thomas Winfried Menko
    Professor Yale University 1995/1996
  • Skirbekk, Gunnar
    Professor University of Bergen (UiB) 1995/1996
  • Thomson, Judith Jarvis
    Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1995/1996
  • Tranøy, Knut Erik
    Professor Em. Centre for Medical Ethics 1995/1996
  • Wetlesen, Jon
    Professor University of Oslo (UiO) 1995/1996

Group leader