Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Mathematics - Lie-Theory


Former 1993/1995 Natural Sciences - Medicine - Mathematics

End Report

For the past two years, 49 mathematicians from 13 countries have been invited to CAS. They have been working om Lie theory, algebra/algebraic geometry, analytical diversity, singularity theory, differential geometry, K-theory, differential equations, operational algebra, applied mathematics, and theoretical physics. In all, 38 papers have been written and published in the Preprint Series. More book projects are nearly finished.

Om a professional level, Norwegian mathematicians have gained new insights. By inviting visiting scholars, the projects have strengthened existing collaboration and began new collaborative work with several different fields. With funding from UD, we have been able to invite 15 Russian and Belarusian mathematician to the Centre. In the wake of this, we have organised several summer school programs in Lie theory in Nordfjordeid, with high international participation.

As the finances of the Centre has been somewhat restrictive, budgeting has not been an easy task. It has been hard to plan for the project’s financial security into the future. The project have been dependent on additional funds.

Nevertheless, the working environment at CAS has been great, and all participants have, without exception, been happy with the material conditions and the personal. Unn Hagen’s dedication to her work, helping all participants with travels, visa, housing and everything big and small, have been greatly appreciated, and have been crucial for the organisation of our project.


  • Altmann, Klaus
    Dr. Humboldt University of Berlin 1993/1995
  • Antonik, Iouri
    - Belarusian State University 1993/1995
  • Betley, Stanislaw
    - University of Warsaw 1993/1995
  • Cathelineau, Jean Luis
    Dr. University of Nice 1993/1995
  • Churyumov, Alexei
    - International Sophus Lie Centre 1993/1995
  • Dubrov, Boris
    - Belarusian State University 1993/1995
  • Dundas, Bjørn Ian
    Professor University of Bergen (UiB) 1993/1995, 2018/2019
  • Ekiel-Jezewska, Maria
    - Polish Academy of Science 1993/1995
  • Faber, Carel
    - University of Amsterdam 1993/1995
  • Flå, Tor
    Professor UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) 1993/1995
  • Frøyshov, Kim Anders
    - University of Oxford 1993/1995
  • Fulton, William
    - University of Chicago 1993/1995
  • Götsche, Lothar
    - Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy 1993/1995
  • Hsiang, Wu-Yi
    Professor University of California, Berkeley 1993/1995
  • Kleiman, Steven Lawrence
    Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1993/1995, 2001/2002
  • Klein, John Robert
    Assistant Professor University of Bielefeld 1993/1995
  • Komrakov, Boris
    Dr. Kazan State University 1993/1995
  • Kozerenko, Konstantin
    - International Sophus Lie Centre 1993/1995
  • Kwasik, Slawomir
    Professor Tulane University 1993/1995
  • Lejeune, Monique
    - University of Grenoble 1993/1995
  • Levin, Leonid
    - Belarusian State University 1993/1995
  • Litvinov, Grigori Lazarevich
    Professor Institute for New Technologies 1993/1995
  • Lychagin, Valentin
    - Tartu University 1993/1995
  • Martin, Bernd
    Professor Brandenburg University of Technology 1993/1995
  • Miro-Roig, Rosa Maria
    Professor University of Barcelona 1993/1995
  • Onishchik, Arkadiy
    - Yaroslave University 1993/1995
  • Palamodov, Victor
    - Moscow State University 1993/1995
  • Pavel, Lilliana
    - 1993/1995
  • Popescu, Sorin Emil
    - University of Saarland 1993/1995
  • Schönemann, Hans
    Dr. University of Kaiserslautern 1993/1995
  • Shultz, Fredrick
    - Wellesley College 1993/1995
  • Tsuboi, Shoji
    - Kagoshima University 1993/1995
  • Vugalter, Simon
    - Steklov Institute of Mathematics 1993/1995
  • de Jong, Theo
    - 1993/1995
  • van Straten, Duco
    - University of Kaiserslautern 1993/1995

Group leader

  • Olav Arnfinn Laudal

    Title Professor Institution University of Oslo (UiO) Year at CAS 1993/1995
  • Ragni Piene

    Title Professor Institution University of Oslo (UiO) Year at CAS 1993/1995