The primary activity of the center is to host and facilitate research projects. CAS provides funding both to established scholars through CAS projects, and to talented young researchers through Young CAS Fellow.

CAS Project

Each year, the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) hosts three research groups working on projects within and across the fields of:

Since its opening in 1992, CAS has hosted more than 1,100 fellows and 75 research projects.

All faculty members who hold permanent research positions at our partner institutions in Norway are eligible to submit a project proposal and assemble and lead the corresponding research group at CAS.

Project leaders can invite researchers from all around the world at any stage of their careers to participate in the project -- whether for an entire year or for a few months. CAS projects often include Ph.D. candidates and/or postdoctoral fellows, which promotes career development and mentorship.

Each year, 40 to 45 researchers from about 10 to 15 countries participate in CAS projects.  

Following an application process that includes an international peer review, the CAS Board of Directors selects three projects for a one-year residency. Project leaders are then given one year to plan for their stay at CAS.

Young CAS Fellow

The Young CAS Fellow programme is an opportunity for researchers below the age of 40 to receive funding and support for their research projects, and gain valuable experience from organizing multiple workshops and a research stay.

CAS created the Young CAS Fellow programme in collaboration with the Young Academy of Norway (AYF) in 2018. As of 2019, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA) also supports the programme.

The programme gives young researchers the opportunity to grow their professional networks, and create a foundation for collaboration at a critical point during their careers.

A Young CAS Fellow receives a grant to organise three workshops and a two-month research stay over the course of two academic years.