Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters


Since its opening in 1992, the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) has hosted more than 1,100 researchers.


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  • Ellingsrud, Geir
    2001/2002University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Elmanto, Elden
    2020/2021Harvard University
  • Elser, James Joseph
    2003/2004Arizona State University
  • Elster, Jakob
    2020/2021University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Elster, Jon
    2001/2002Columbia University
  • Elvebakk, Arve
    1998/1999UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
  • Elven, Reidar
    1998/1999University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Emilsson, Eyjólfur Kjalar
    2009/2010University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Endestad, Tor
    2003/2004University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Endresen, Anna
    2011/2012UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
  • Eng, Svein
    2001/2002University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Engberg-Pedersen, Troels
    2006/2007University of Copenhagen
  • Engebretsen, Eivind
    2019/2020University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Engebretsen, Rune
    1992/1994Concordia College
  • Engel, Pascal
    2003/2004Paris-Sorbonne University
  • Enger, Hans-Olav
    2019/2020University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Entin-Wohlman, Ora
    1999/2000Tel Aviv University
  • Erdinast-Vulcan, Daphna
    2005/2006University of Haifa
  • Ericson, Staffan
    2018/2019Södertörn University
  • Eriksen, Anne
    2019/2020University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Eriksen, Stefka Georgieva
    2012/2013University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Eriksen, Thomas Hylland
    2018/2019University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Erne, Roland
    2013/2014University College Dublin
  • Esmark, Kim
    2017/2018University of Roskilde
  • Espeseth, Thomas
    2011/2012University of Oslo (UiO)
  • Ewbank, Inga-Stina
    1992/1994University of Leeds
  • Eyckmans, Johan
    2005/2006European University College Brussels
  • Eythórsson, Thórhallur
    2004/2005University of Iceland
  • Faber, Carel
    1993/1995University of Amsterdam
  • Fagerberg, Jan
    2007/2008University of Oslo (UiO)