The 2021/2022 project in this category is:

Attosecund Quantumn Dynamics Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation

  • Led by Researcher Simen Kvaal (UiO) and Professor Thomas Bondo Pedersen (UiO).

Inspired by recent advances in the generation of ultrashort, high-intensity laser pulses, the research project will investigate and develop theoretical and computational tools to plan, understand, and predict experiments probing the quantum dynamics of molecular systems at the attosecond timescale. Targeting high-accuracy simulation methods, nuclear and electronic degrees of freedom will be treated on an equal footing without invoking the Born-Oppenheimer approximation.


As the pandemic caused the Centre to shut down during the spring semester, CAS has extended the timeframe for the 2020/2021 project:

Motivic Geometry

  • Led by Professor Paul Arne Østvær (UiO).

The research project aim at reaching decisive results and shape the future research directions in these subjects by bringing together world-leading experts in motivic homotopy theory, affine algebraic geometry and enumerative geometry.


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