You should make sure that you have insurance that covers any damage to property or person during your stay in Norway, and on your travels.

Citizens of Nordic countries are entitled to health care in the event of acute injury or illness when on a temporary stay in Norway. You should bring an approved ID document and your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when you see a doctor. EHIC's are issued by your national health insurance provider.

You may also be entitled to additional travel expenses. This only applies in connection with necessary health services that have been received due to illness or injury incurred during your stay in Norway.


Remember: In Norway, everyon have to pay a deductible when you go to a public doctor or emergency room.


CAS unfortunately does not have sufficient knowledge of all types of insurance for all countries, so please contact your insurance provider if you need any additional help.


Note: It is important to report your move to Norway if you will be living in Norway for more than six months. Consult the 'Visa information' section for more information.