This section only describes the general prosess for gaining entrance to Norway and may not be valid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Short-term visits (less than three months)

Visitors from outside the EU/EEA may be required to apply for a visa to Norway, depending on your country of origin.

Please visit the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) to learn the requirements that applies for your country of origin.


Long-term visits (more than three months)

If your stay exceeds three months, you may also be required to apply for a residence permit.

Please visit the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) to learn which rules apply to your country of origin.

On the UDI website, click on ‘Want to apply,’ ‘Work immigration,’ enter your country of origin, ‘Vocational training and research,’ and finally ‘Researcher with own funds’ to learn about the residence permit requirements. Click on the green button labelled ‘How to apply’ for more information.

Note: The application process for a residence permit can take up to three months and must in some cases be completed before travelling to Norway. If you are bringing family members to Norway, we recommend that you apply for residence permits together.


Additionally, if your stay exceeds six months, you will need to report your move to Norway no later than eight days after your arrival. To report your move, please visit the Service Centre for Foreign Workers, located at Schweigaards gate 17.

At the Service Centre, take a numbered ticket for the queue, and then fill out the form ‘RF-1401 Notification to the tax office of a move to Norway from abroad.’ (Alternatively, complete the form in advance and bring it to the Service Centre.)

Under section G (‘Do you want the tax office to register a postal address in addition to your home address?’), list CAS' address:

Drammensveien 78
0271 Oslo

For a list of the documentation to bring to the Service Centre, visit the Taxnorway website. Remember to also bring your formal invitation letter from CAS, which details the duration and purpose of your stay.

Note: If you are bringing family members to Norway, all of them must be present at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers for an ID check.